Date:    15-16 October 2024, 10am-6pm AEDT

Delivery:  Hybrid Seminar (In Person | Online)

Venue :  Rydges or Hilton Hotel Sydney | Live Streamed via ZOOM


This two-day seminar provides attendees with the fundamental concepts and practical aspects associated with electrical earthing for power systems, in particular power generating stations, substations, overhead lines and parts of industrial, commercial, institutional and mining facilities. Hence, the emphasis of the course is on the main principles for high voltage system earthing (1000 V AC and higher). The course not only covers the key concepts and principles in this domain, but also makes constant reference to applicable national and international standards and codes. The key topics of personnel safety and substation earthing system design form a major focus of the course. Attendees will be exposed to numerous examples and case studies, which will be investigated via tutorial questions and demonstrations with sophisticated software packages.

Why Should You Attend?

Earthing has often been, and still is, portrayed as a “difficult subject” and a “black art”. The main goal of this seminar is to demonstrate to attendees that this is not the case, i.e., to go back to fundamentals and to systematically demystify the subject. Attendees will leave the course with a sound knowledge of the subject matter, fully equipped with the necessary understanding to deal with earthing issues in their own workplaces.

What You Will Learn?

The seminar provides attendees with an introductory-to-intermediate level of understanding of earthing fundamentals. Amongst other things, course attendees will learn:

  • The function of power system earthing and the various options available;
  • The role of protective earthing in ensuring safety;
  • How to measure soil resistivity, design earthing systems and measure earthing system resistance;
  • The fundamental principles in the design of earthing systems for substations;
  • The role of earthing in protecting power systems from lightning hazards; and
  • How to apply a holistic, risk-based approach to earthing.

Topics to be covered

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  • Power system earthing basics and concepts
  • Earthing and Personnel Safety, Electric shock hazard, step, touch and transfer voltages
  • Soil Resistivity Measurement, Methods and Modelling
  • Fault Currents causes, mechanism, paths and reduction
  • Earthing Codes and Standards and Guides, such as ENA EGO, ENA EG1, EEA and relevant AS/NZS, IEC, IEEE Standards.
  • Earthing Systems Design, Modelling & Analysis
  • Earthing Systems Measurement & Interpretation
  • Earthing Systems from frequency Effects, transient voltages, lightning etc.

About the Seminar Leader

Our seminar leader received his Ph.D. in experimental physics from the University of Tasmania, Australia, he spent the early part of his career in university teaching and research. Later he moved into the private sector and worked on many aspects of lightning protection and earthing, from research to products and applications, both in Australia and the United States. In 2007, he set up an engineering consulting company providing independent consultancy services on lightning protection and earthing projects for a wide range of clients globally. In June 2013, the company merged with Lightning Protection International Pty Ltd where it continues to provide independent consultancy services in lightning protection and earthing.

Our seminar leader has delivered many seminars and presentations on lightning protection and earthing within Australia and overseas and has published more than 85 technical papers. He is a member of IEEE and IEAust and a contributor to Standards and code-setting committees in Australia, Europe and the United States.

Note : Since many tutorial questions will be undertaken which will require attendees to perform numerical calculations, attendees are advised to bring their own scientific calculator to the seminar.

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