1-3 December 2021 | BRISBANE
6-9 December 2021 | SYDNEY

Seminar Overview

Substations play an important role in power system networks by maintaining continuity of power supply between the utility and the customers: industrial, commercial and residential. A modern high voltage substation include equipment such as circuit breakers, transformers, capacitors, reactors, and equipment for protection, control, automation and communications. A correctly planned and designed substation is essential to the reliable supply of electrical energy. Substation sites and buildings must also conform with many requirements relating to environmental, community impacts and building codes – these requirements constrain and interact with the electrical and equipment design issues.

This 3-day seminar will cover most of the important aspects of medium and high voltage substation planning and design including fundamental design philosophies, requirements and parameters, equipment selection, environmental requirements, layout of sites, switchyards and buildings, testing and commissioning, future development and trends. Practical examples and experiences will be included in the seminar content to illustrate certain principles of design.

Topics to be covered

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  • Substation Hazards and Safety
  • Equipment Protection
  • Fundamental Electrical Requirements and Design Parameters
  • Primary Components Function and Issues – Transformers, Switchgear, Cables,
  • Capacitors bank, Current Transformer, Substation Earthing
  • Busbar & Switchgear Configurations,
  • Protection Philosophies and Basic Policies
  • IEC 61850
  • Busbar and switchgear Configurations
  • Distribution Substation Electrical Options
  • Fire and Explosion in Substations
  • Substation Buildings, Layout and Civils
  • Case Study – City Central Substation
  • Installation, Testing and Commissioning

About the 2 Seminar Leaders

Our Seminar Leader I – retired in 2016 from a long career with a large electricity distribution company in Sydney and Newcastle areas, Australia where he held many positions in the substation and protection fields, and most recently as Engineering Policy Development Manager. He is a recognised expert in power system protection and a practicing protection engineer, and has been awarded an OAM for his services to Electrical Engineering in the 2020 Queen’s Birthday honours list

His career of over 50 years includes all aspects of substation work, particularly protection work, including field operations, engineering, design, construction and commissioning, specification and procurement, protection planning, incident forensic investigation, etc.

It includes work in the many related areas of switchgear, substation design, high voltage engineering, EMF, control schemes, testing, construction and maintenance. John is and has been a member of a number of standards committees, Industry committees, and Australian Standards committees: EL 7 High Voltage Switchgear, EL 7/5 High Voltage Fuses, EL 43 Substations and HV installations, EL 8/8 HV Bushings, EL 23/02 Protection in Mines and Quarries, EL 24 Lightning Protection, and is a former member of Standards committees on CTs and VTs, and a former member of ENA and ESAA working groups on Earthing and Induced Voltages, and Substation Fire Protection.

He is also a former member of CIGRE Australian Panels AP B3 Substations, and AP B5 Protection and Control. He has lectured for the past 30 years at universities in Protection at post graduate level. He holds a Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of NSW, and has post graduate Certificates in Protection Engineering, Electrical Equipment design, and High Voltage Engineering and Testing..

Our Seminar Leader II –  currently Metering Strategy and Systems Manager at a larger utility company in Queensland. Prior to this appointment he was Network Substation Standards Manager, managing the development of standards and policies for substation equipment. At the previous position as Principal Substation Engineer, he had oversight of designs of Greenfield and refurbished substations up to 132kV.

His career in the industry spans over 20 years in two electricity corporations and in the switchgear manufacturing industry. He has had experience in specification, design, commissioning, operations and consulting aspects of substations. He has also been involved in the most aspects of the electricity distribution industry. He has developed the High Voltage Live Working Principles for Substations and has successfully discharged a contract to implement High Voltage Live Line Work in Hong Kong. He is currently a member of the CIGRE Australian Panel AP B3 ‘ Substations ’ and a former member of the ESAA Wood Pole Committee. He holds an Engineering Degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the University of Wales, Cardiff and a Masters in Business Administration (Technology Management) Deakin University.

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